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Aug 25, 2021

What is a smart city? Technology and examples

Approaching construction from an efficient and smart perspective is the raison-d’ être of smart cities. There are so many different aspects which have an impact on smart cities: energy, transportation, waste management, mobility, not to mention the efficient construction of smart buildings and infrastructures integrated in the city. But as McKinsey stated in a previous publication, smart-city strategies begin […][...]

Aug 09, 2021

Discover how BIM is implemented in each step of the construction value chain

A huge amount of data is generated at every single stage of a project’s life cycle, and this is where Building Information Modeling (BIM) comes into play. Do you know what this innovative system is all about?[...]

Aug 03, 2021

CEMEX Ventures invests in carbon capture tech of the future

CEMEX Ventures invests in Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (“Carbon Clean”), the developer of one of the most promising and advanced carbon capture technologies. The investment aims to support CEMEX´s new and aggressive climate action targets, reinforcing its commitment to lead the industry in decarbonization. CEMEX Ventures joins a select group of leading global investors supporting […][...]

Jul 13, 2021

Innovative Construction, 12 innovations for the future

By Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures With 30 years of experience in the built sector, Gonzalo leads CEMEX Ventures in the search of innovative business models for CEMEX and the construction industry, helping propel innovation, sustainability, and digitization in the sector that leads to more collaboration and less fragmentation. Back when big machinery, heavy […][...]

Jun 22, 2021

CEMEX Ventures Exploits Digitized Industrialized Construction To Design And Build Eco-Friendly Homes Through Its Follow-On Investment In Modulous

Modulous is a tech-enabled player for the delivery of industrialized and sustainable homes, based on an asset-light business model and a strong network of international and local partners. It links to a carefully curated supply chain which delivers the modular buildings ready for assembly, using just-in-time logistics to minimise contractors’ costs. Modulous´ software automates many […][...]