What are the Main Uses for Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry?

The revolution of the construction industry is based on innovative construction methods and new technologies that allow economic developments, fast and with better functionalities. To do this, there are machines that, through data collection and their consequent processing and evaluation, demonstrate intelligent behavior.

There is talk of Artificial Intelligence as one of the emerging technologies in the construction ecosystem, although it is an invaluable process for this industry because it allows predicting results based on the information provided. In recent years, the great advances in Artificial Intelligence have allowed the development of new business models along the entire value chain of the construction industry.

For this reason, solutions based on Artificial Intelligence are identified, this solutions allow reducing the error rate, increasing productivity and efficiency in construction, automatization and optimization of supply chain management in construction, meeting deadlines and improving risk management.

What are the Main Uses for Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry?

Project Design and Engineering AI

By launching a construction project, planning and developing the structure of a jobsite and defining the work team, must be aligned to all the participants to facilitate the work. This task is a great challenge in the construction industry.

Artificial Intelligence facilitates communication at the time of managing tasks at a jobsite getting automated these tasks. Once the Artificial Intelligence system collects information about the jobsite, it learns and executes all possible ways of designing the structure until obtaining different results.

With this technology, those responsible for decision making in jobsites can validate different models and check the most appropriate one. The traditional planning and design process would take a few days or weeks to complete. However, with AI, the whole process takes place in a day, saving capital and time.

CEMEX Ventures’ investment portfolio has a startup that works with artificial intelligence in the construction industry. SAALG Geomechanics, a bridge between geomechanics and the construction industry, works with software that specializes in real-time data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Construction

Project and jobsite management

Once the construction process begins, numerous actors appear with multiple tasks, entering into play different occupations such as management of spaces and times, functions, responsibility, requiring an arduous task of communication and improvement of the working capital cycle.

Artificial Intelligence is applied to solutions to manage with high efficiency and an insignificant error the challenges that start in this phase. The actors enter the information, work experience, and documents related to the process. In this way, the machinery works with all information assigning tasks to employees, taking into account their availability and work experience among other interests.

Image recognition

By using artificial intelligence with drones and 3D images, professionals from the construction sector can plan much larger-scale projects. This is exactly why image recognition is so valuable within this sector, as it is possible to:

  • Compare what is being developed and the final product with the initial plans and designs.
  • Identify security risks in the construction jobsite and include new safety routes in the execution and work times .
  • Virtual visits to construction sites.

CEMEX Ventures is always looking for construction startups that rely on innovative construction methods and new technologies, to provide solutions to the main challenges of the industry. Apply to our Construction Startup Competition! 

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