Nov 28, 2023

Circular economy sustainability: Understanding the key concepts

In a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a necessity, the concept of circular economy sustainability has become a main protagonist in the construction industry in recent years.   This revolutionary approach seeks to redefine the industry’s relationship with resources, aiming for a delicate equilibrium between economic growth and environmental preservation.  As […]

Nov 14, 2023

Top 10 sustainable building materials for eco-friendly construction

Buildings are undoubtedly an artefact of culture. Just think of red-brick houses in suburban centers in the United States, cabins with wood paneling in rural Finland, and complex adobe structures in Western Africa. Depending on where you look, the materials we build with change based on resource availability and scarcity, climate, and culture. The beauty […]

Sep 26, 2023

Industrialized construction (IC), the key to reducing the environmental impact of industry

By: Mateo Zimmermann, Investment Manager at Cemex Ventures Mateo has over 15 years of professional experience working with consulting firms, private equity, and industrial companies. He seeks to enhance productivity in the construction industry through innovation and technology. Imagine a new world: a world where construction work takes a fraction of the time (think days […]

Sep 13, 2023

All about renewable hydrogen energy

Have you heard of the hydrogen fuel revolution?   What if one of the world’s most complex challenges: climate change, had a simple answer? Well, it doesn’t per se, but hydrogen, the simplest & lightest element, can be produced as a renewable energy source and replace the heavy carbon emitting and noxious fossil fuels we’ve relied […]

Jul 18, 2023

These are the most sustainable cities in the world

Urbanization is the shift of populations from rural to urban areas. And in the last two centuries, this phenomenon has resulted in the rapid creation, growth, and development of new cities across the entire world, establishing them as centers of economic growth and popular culture. As of 2018, more than half the world’s population was […]