Leaplab’s 2nd Edition Demo Day: Building the future together! 

Getting into the next-gen startups that have made their big leap at Cemex! Last April 10th the scene was set for one of the most crucial stages of the 2023 edition of Cemex Ventures’ Leaplab Acceleration Program, at the Demo Day event. At this virtual gathering, the 5 extraordinary startups that make up this year’s cohort presented the results of their innovative projects to Cemex’s Executive Committee. 

What is a Demo Day? 

Demo Days are important milestones in startup acceleration programs, offering startups the opportunity to pitch their solutions, pilots & advancements made throughout the course of the program.  

In the case of Leaplab,  Demo Day is held once the cohort successfully completes the 14-week acceleration program. Following this point, the cohort is offered the unique opportunity to showcase their pilot results to Cemex’s Executive Committee, known as the “ExCo”. 

Demo Day with Leaplab’s 2023 cohort 

Over 14 weeks, Cemex’s Operations and Leaplab’s 5 startups – Introid, Mixteresting, Movener, Verusen, & Waterplan – worked closely together to test their solutions in real-scale pilots across nearly 100 Cemex sites in 11 countries. These collaborative efforts targeted strategic challenges within Cemex’s business lines: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates & Urbanization Solutions, and its supply chain. 

Demo Day gathered major players from: 

  • Cemex Executive Committee 
  • Cemex Ventures Leaplab’s management team 
  • Cemex Operations’ pilot leaders 
  • Startup founders & C-Suite team 

Key insights from the ExCo 

Following their pitches, the startups delved into pertinent discussions with the ExCo, receiving invaluable feedback. Their insights honed in on scalability challenges, data security, the competitive landscape, value generation for Cemex, and more:    

Insights from Fernando González, CEO at Cemex: 

Fernando emphasized the importance of open innovation schemes in driving continuous business evolution. Initiatives like Leaplab provide a direct pathway to capture new opportunities and future-proof Cemex’s existing processes. He underscored the need for ongoing adaptation and incorporation of innovative practices to ensure the company remains dynamic and responsive in a rapidly changing business landscape.  

“This is an opportunity to directly appreciate how we are continuously evolving our business in terms of the many opportunities that are out there that we can capture through open innovation schemes like this one. And to ensure that through time we continue adapting, incorporating, and modernizing the different processes we have in our business.” – Fernando González, CEO at Cemex 

Finally, Fernando stressed the importance of embracing change for the success of the company, highlighting how implementing new transformative processes gives him confidence that the team is building the Cemex of tomorrow.   

Insights from Luis Hernández, Executive VP of Digital & Organization Development at Cemex:   

Luis highlighted the critical role of empathy alongside technical expertise in the entrepreneurs aiming to achieve successful collaboration with Cemex. He expressed optimism about the level of compromise witnessed between startups and Cemex operations, recognizing it as a positive indicator for their joint efforts. 

Insights from Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures: 

Gonzalo shared that in the 1st & 2nd editions, the Leaplab team has identified 100 pain points from Cemex’s global operations to explore potential opportunities where startups can make a meaningful impact.  

“It’s a very synergistic approach to have Cemex expertise with the startups´ solutions going together and trying to come up with a better value proposition.” – Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures 

To address these challenges, Leaplab evaluated 300+ startups and successfully connected 10 high-potential startups from 8 different countries with these identified pain points. Over the past two years, 10 pilots have been conducted across 105 Cemex sites in 15 countries.  

Cemex Ventures Leaplab is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and is motivated by the collaborative efforts to shape the future of Cemex. Next steps involve conducting a deeper analysis of the startups’ solutions and performing a more comprehensive assessment of the potential impact of integrating them into the company. 

The Cemex Ventures team is thankful for all the contributors who made the Leaplab Program possible! 

Be the next revolutionary startup for Leaplab’s 3rd Edition cohort! 

If you are seeking to propel your startup in the construction industry, Cemex Ventures Leaplab can offer you a golden opportunity focused on business development, tech and product, ESG approach, & strategic networking.  

At Cemex’s exclusive acceleration program, we are searching for high-potential startups that tackle the critical challenges in the construction sector. Will your startup be the next leader in the industry? Contact us here to be considered for the program’s 3rd edition! 

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