We are the Corporate Venture Capital and open innovation unit of Cemex

Fostering the Construction Revolution

A construction startup, from its early stages or already in its commercialization phase, can approach us looking to test their solutions, initiate new collaboration agreements, obtain new clients, or raise capital.

Our focus

We place out passion in four market-driven opportunity areas.

Play a key role in the transition to a Low-Carbon Economy by decarbonizing the built environment, mitigating its carbon footprint, and promoting circular economy by giving a new life to used and demolished materials. Adopt renewable energy resources and make an efficient use of natural ones for more sustainable cities and urban areas in the future.

Increase efficiency and productivity improving stakeholders’ collaboration, communication, and coordination through a connected and monitored construction value chain. Make data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency and quality.

Help the key actors of the industry get the right resources to the right place at the right time for a more efficient construction ecosystem. Drive the construction industry by optimizing resource sourcing, material and fleet tracking and inventory management.

Build a better planet with robotics and machine assisted applications, advanced building materials and industrialized construction methodologies to boost productivity, enforce radical efficiency and make the future of construction a reality.

We add value to the construction ecosystem

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