Cemex Ventures Leaplab is our exclusive acceleration program

Leaping to build the future together!

Leaping to build the future together!

We are looking for high-potential startups with innovations in four market-driven opportunity areas.​

To expedite the growth of high-potential startups, we have designed Leaplab as a platform for joint experimentation, co-creation, and transformation.

By providing strategic services, real-scale pilots, and enabling Cemex’s resources and network of experts, our ambition is to catalyze learning, boost growth, and find synergies between innovative startups and Cemex to foster the construction industry revolution.

Cemex Ventures Leaplab offers an acceleration journey focused on business development, tech and product, ESG approach, and strategic networking.

Main program benefits


Real-scale pilot

Your solution can be validated and enhanced through a real-scale co-financed pilot leveraging Cemex’s facilities across the globe and extensive network in the construction industry.


Qualified expert support

We count on an unmatched panel of experts and mentors specialized in construction, disruptive business models, and technology.



Opportunity to connect

With Cemex Ventures Leaplab as a powerful milestone in your startup’s journey, there is the opportunity for further engagement with Cemex after the program as either a supplier or partner.


Network expansion

We aspire to bridge your startup with Cemex’s network, Cemex Ventures’ growth experts, and other disruptive players in the Contech ecosystem.

Leaplab 2023 Edition timeline

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Frequently asked questions

A startup accelerator program launched by Cemex Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital and open innovation arm of Cemex, to support high-potential solutions applicable to the construction technology space. Our purpose is to support and give visibility to global entrepreneurs who are willing to disrupt the construction industry and are interested in accelerating their solution’s development by leveraging Cemex’s resources and industry knowledge.

Cemex Ventures Leaplab’s offering mainly include:

  • Solution validation and enhancement through a financially supported pilot
  • Dedicated mentoring sessions with Cemex experts and partners
  • Exclusive business and industry advice from guest speakers in Master Talks
  • Relational capital and networking strategy strengthening
  • Scalability and cross-border considerations and insights

The 2023 edition will last 14 weeks plus a holiday break. This is subject to change in future editions.

Yes, it is open to any startup with a solution that can be connected to the strategic challenges of Cemex’s global operations and the greater construction industry. There will be no territorial limitation to participate in the program.

Backed by one of the global building materials leaders, Cemex Ventures has become a worldwide recognized partner and top investor in the industry by virtue of its results that signal a strong commitment to supporting the construction technology (Contech) entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Cemex Ventures Leaplab offers unique opportunities for co-development and shared value. If you are a high-potential startup with ambitions to revolutionize the industry and build a better future for all, then this program is for you.

Cemex Ventures Leaplab is looking for audacious startups that can shake up the construction industry with their innovative value propositions.

The program targets high-potential startups with solutions that address critical challenges connected to our company’s strategic priorities and are aligned with Cemex Ventures’ four focus areas:

1) Green Construction

  • Decarbonization & Carbon Sequestration
  • Sustainable Materials & Circular Economy
  • Clean Energy & Water Conservation

2) Enhanced Productivity

  • Construction Project Life Cycle
  • Asset Tracking & Maintenance 
  • Health & Safety

3) Construction Supply Chain

  • Procurement & Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
  • Fleet Management

4) Future of Construction

  • Industry 4.0
  • Pre-Fabrication & Robotics
  • Eco-Efficient & Smart Buildings

Yes, we accept startups who have graduated from other acceleration programs. Please be transparent and open about your past, potential and ongoing activities with other acceleration programs so we can ensure full respect for all parties’ policies and processes.

Yes, your startup can still join Leaplab. However, please consider that this program´s offering does not imply any financial commitment from Cemex Ventures to engage in the future fundraising of its cohort’s startups. Instead, opportunities will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

No, there is no application fee.

We are looking to engage in long-term relationships with successful startups in each cohort should their results from the collaboration show positive and strategic value.

In consideration of Cemex’s devotion of significant resources to the program, should Cemex Ventures decide to participate in a financial round of, or enter into a services agreement with, a participant, our company will be entitled to a discount based on the total contribution made to such participant during the program.

The program requires a dedication of 2 – 3 hours a week (pilots not included), and at least one C-level team member from the startup team.

It is mostly virtual, although in-person interactions are expected if pilot planning and execution require it. Additionally, startups in the 2023 cohort will be asked to meet in person for the Connection Day event toward the end of the program.

We provide each startup with an in-cash contribution for the pilot implementation. Once the acceleration program has ended, this resource can be considered as a discount for Cemex Ventures in the case we participate in a funding round or will be applied as a discount in a commercial agreement with any of Cemex’s subsidiaries.

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Recent posts


JULY 17, 2024


The Perth-based carbon capture startup KC8 Capture Technologies has raised AU$10M in a funding round led by energy and building materials giants, Woodside Energy and Cemex Ventures.


JULY 17, 2024


Intel Capital led the investment in Buildots, the AI-driven software company for the construction industry, with participation from O.G. Ventures Partners and previous investors.


JULY 17, 2024


The funding round for the construction safety software company was led by Riverwood Capital. HammerTech intends to use the funds to accelerate business expansion and product innovation.


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