Top Deals in May 2024 

Welcome to Cemex Ventures’ May Blast! We’re here to bring you the latest Contech & Cleantech deals, hot off the press, that are revolutionizing the construction ecosystem this month. 

Dive into the most thrilling deals! 

  1. AlterBiota raises $4M in seed funding: Sydney, N.S.-based alterBiota has received US$4 million in seed funding to increase hiring and upgrade its commercial-scale facility to make a concrete additive based on biographene. Read more
  1. Lucid Bots secures $9.1M in Series A funding: Lucid Bots, a Charlotte, NC-based company that specializes in robotics for labor-intensive tasks, raised US$9.1 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Cubit Capital. Read more
  1. BamCore obtains $13.9M in venture round: BamCore, a manufacturer of bamboo-based building materials, announced the completion of a $13.9 million venture round. This latest funding brings BamCore’s total funding to US$142.2 million across ten rounds. Read more
  1. AssetWatch raises $38M in Series B funding: AssetWatch, Inc., a leading condition monitoring and predictive maintenance organization, today announced closing its Series B financing round of US$38 million. Read more
  1. announces $3.4M in seed funding: New Australian generative artificial intelligence startup has raised US$3.4 million in seed funding to redefine spatial environments across various sectors. Read more
  1. Fiberwood raises €7.7M in growth funding: Fiberwood, a Järvenpää, Finland-based materials technology startup, raised €7.7 million in growth funding. Backers included Metsä Spring & Stephen Industries, together with public financiers. Read more

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