AVINTIA and CEMEX Ventures create Wallex, the first industrialized construction factory in Spain

  • Wallex is a freestanding, off-site panelized construction system that simplifies traditional construction processes.
  • The new Wallex installation, with a production capacity of approximately 1,000 homes per year, will be in the town of Aranda del Duero, in Spain, and will begin operations in second semester of 2021.
  • Grupo Avintia and CEMEX Ventures address the sector’s main challenges: reducing delivery times, solving the lack of professionalized workforce, and proposing sustainable and quality construction systems, without limits to innovation and architectural design.

CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s Corporate Venture Capital and open innovation unit, and Grupo Avintia, a leading industrial group in the construction-real estate sector in Spain, announced today the creation of Wallex, an industrialized construction company focused on design and engineering, manufacturing and on-site installation of offsite panelized and self-supporting construction systems. Wallex aims to promote industrialized construction in Spain.

The first Wallex production plant will be located in Aranda del Duero and will be exclusively dedicated to off-site construction, the first of its kind in the country. The factory will have more than 8,000 square meters. It will begin operations in the second semester of 2021, with a production capacity of approximately 1,000 homes per year, which will boost industrial activity in the area and promote job creation.

This new company seeks to respond to the construction sector’s main challenges, reinforcing professionalization, meeting deadlines, offering high quality, social commitment, and sustainability. The advantages offered by Wallex include a reduction in environmental impact, thanks to the better use of resources and materials and the reduction in waste generated. Also, reducing occupational risks by concentrating most of the plant process, working in a more stable environment that favors conciliation and inclusion, and the boost to skilled labor and a reduction of around 30% in delivery time.


Wallex will use CEMEX’s Resilia, and Insularis concretes’ advanced technology, which offers greater strength with less thickness, eliminating plastic insulators and better acoustic and thermal qualities in the offsite panelized construction process.

Besides, Wallex will benefit from the advanced ÁVIT-A self-supporting off-site panel system, an integral industrialized construction system from Grupo Avintia. The system connects the design and manufacturing process to assembly, using the most innovative techniques and integrating solutions developed explicitly for the projects’ production and assembly chain.

The ÁVIT-A system will transform the construction sector because it will introduce a new industrial construction process based on innovation and collaboration. The objective is that 75% of the construction’s structural elements are industrialized and arrive at the worksite for assembling.

“The birth of this company makes possible the creation of Wallex, which will contribute to essentially structuring the integral industrialized construction system of Grupo Avintia, ÁVIT-A while promoting the first industrialized construction factory in Spain. This will allow us to offer the market a quality response, non-existent in our country, to the current and future demand of the real estate sector in terms of production capacity and compliance with deadlines and budget,” said Antonio Martín Jiménez, Chairman of Group Avintia.

“We seek to support the generation of innovative solutions with high added value for the construction industry and cities of the future. Offsite construction can solve the great challenges of the sector, but for this, it is essential to develop an advanced, solid, and quality industrial fabric. We have seen numerous offsite construction solutions worldwide. This alliance between Grupo Avintia and CEMEX Ventures is a real and determined response to a more efficient and sustainable construction”, said Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures.

About Grupo Avintia

Grupo Avintia, whose core business is construction, covers, manages, and controls, in an integral way, the entire value chain of the construction-real estate cycle: from land development to real estate management through the development and execution of projects.

Born as a construction company in 2007, the Company currently has more than 1,300 employees. It has positioned itself as one of the most active industrial groups in the construction field and a leading builder in Spain. Thanks to its management and management systems and its innovative corporate culture, it is also an essential reference company within the sector.

Grupo Avintia organizes its activities around five divisions: Construction, Industrial, Real Estate, Energy, and Services. It aims to respond to new social and market challenges and put the same seal of quality and excellence in all the projects it undertakes. More information:  https://grupoavintia.com/

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