Deep Dive: KC8 x Cemex Ventures 

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) is just one way the construction industry is transforming emissions into sustainable solutions. A game-changing innovator is reshaping the landscape of green construction and now has made its way into our investment portfolio to stay. Meet KC8

The Australian-based startup is driving sustainability innovation within the industry, paving the way towards a carbon-neutral future. With a team with more than 20 years of experience, KC8 has developed an unrivaled carbon capture solution.

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What – does KC8 do? 

KC8 Capture Technologies has developed an affordable carbon capture solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels in heavy industries. Their innovative solution is a direct response to the continuous increase in carbon pricing over time. As a result, industry processes that emit CO2 have an unprecedented chance to embrace KC8’s environmentally friendly carbon capture process, which not only aligns with their green objectives but also significantly reduces operational costs. 

To better understand its technology, it’s important to note that traditional solvents used in Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) often pose environmental hazards. However, KC8 offers an unparalleled value proposition with its proprietary non-toxic, non-volatile solvent that has zero environmental impact. This has resulted in the safest and most tolerant solvent for CO2 removal available in today’s market.  

KC8’s cutting-edge technology enables up to 95% CO2 capture, enhances energy efficiency by 15%, and reduces overall operating costs by 50% for partners in heavy industries compared to conventional amine solvents.   

Why – invest in KC8? 

As the open innovation arm of Cemex, we are committed to continuously seeking out high-potential startups focused on green construction that enhance sustainability in the sector. With a focus on decarbonizing the built environment, advocating for circular economy principles, and embracing renewable energies, Cemex Ventures is keen to collaborate with startups aligned with these objectives. KC8 emerges as an ideal partner due to its CCUS technology, which acts as a pivotal tool in accelerating Cemex’s decarbonization efforts. 

Put simply: Cemex is partnering with KC8 to affordably reduce CO2 emissions originating from its production processes, advancing the construction industry’s journey towards CO2 neutrality. 

So, let’s dive a little bit deeper… 

How – will KC8 and Cemex help each other achieve their objectives? 

In this partnership, Cemex aims to take KC8’s technology to the next level in the largest project of its kind to date for the startup, helping it fulfill its mission of becoming the global leader in CO2 capture techniques. This agreement seeks to help KC8 with the following benefits: 

  • Strategic investment: The startup obtains smart money for its ongoing development. 
  • Supplier for one of the world’s biggest construction giants: Cemex Ventures seeks to foster the growth of the Australian startup by connecting it to Cemex’s extensive network and resources, aiming to forge synergies and foster startup-corporate collaboration. 
  • Expertise & specialized knowledge: Leveraging Cemex Ventures’ expertise in growth strategies and the construction industry expertise of Cemex. 

However, the benefits of this collaboration are bidirectional – it’s a win-win! KC8’s disruptive clean technology has the potential to position Cemex as a leader in carbon capture in the construction industry. Cemex, by investing and partnering with this sustainable solution, intends to pilot its technology in one of its leading cement plants, to capture 100 tons per day of CO2, an ambition that is 10 times greater than the current project scopes. 

This partnership strengthens Cemex’s ambitious climate action goals outlined in its sustainability program, Future in Action, which aims to reduce Cemex’s carbon footprint in its production process by 2030 through its Innovation & Partnerships pillar. Also, this investment aligns with Cemex’s sustainability roadmap, pushing it closer to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions status by 2050. 

Who – is KC8? 

In 2021, KC8 Capture Technologies Ltd acquired UNO Technologies, a company with extensive experience, and subsequently changed its name. KC8 is an Australian-based startup that operates in Australia and the United States. The company is at the forefront of the Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage industry, spearheading efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in hard to abate industries.  

In 2023, KC8 was awarded funding through the ARPA-E Phase 2 Flexible Carbon Capture and Storage program by the United States Department of Energy (DoE). Also, it was featured in our Cleantech Construction Map 2023 under the CCUS vertical. In 2024, the startup was named a Top 50 Contech Startup for 2024, in the Green Construction focus area. 

KC8’s team has extended experience and a diverse background in the chemical and processing industries that has allowed them to take an innovative approach to the carbon capture problem: 

What is their mission? Their mission is to commercialize the low-cost and environmentally friendly CO2 capture processes that form the foundation of KC8’s technology. 

Their challenge is to address the growing climate change issue through their solution to lowering emissions across all sectors – both energy and industrial – around the world.  

What’s next?  

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But if you’re an entrepreneur with a solution that’s addressing critical pain points in green construction (carbon tools, circular construction, CCUS, sustainable materials, alternative fuels, and more!), we invite you to contact us

Press release

Cemex Ventures invests in acclaimed CCUS startup to become front runners in carbon capture 

Madrid, Spain. July 8, 2024. Cemex announced today its most recent investment in frontrunning carbon capture startup, KC8 Capture Technologies (KC8), carried out through its corporate venture capital and open innovation unit, Cemex Ventures. This investment in KC8’s technology has the intention of scaling such technologies to new heights in the largest project of its kind to date for KC8. 

KC8, which is an Australian-based startup, provides the construction industry with an affordable pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels. Traditional solvents used in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) rely on solvents that can present an environmental hazard, but KC8’s value proposition is their proprietary non-toxic, non-volatile solvent designed to have no impact on the environment. Moreover, the startup’s breakthrough technology is designed to enable up to 95% CO2 capture, optimize energy efficiency by 15%, and cut down overall operating costs by 50% for partners in heavy industries, such as Cemex, in comparison to conventional amine solvents. 

Following this initial investment, Cemex seeks to test KC8’s technology in a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study at one of its leading cement plants with the aim to capture more than 100 tons per day (TDP) of CO2, an ambition that is 10 times greater than current project scopes. 

“The path to carbon neutrality is paved by not only sustainable investments, but also active and aggressive clean technology adoption by industry leaders who are producing on a global scale with a considerable impact within construction”, said Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures. “We are thrilled to help promote the growth of KC8 by connecting the startup to Cemex’s extensive network and resources and to find synergies in order to foster the construction industry revolution.” 

“As a global supplier in carbon capture technologies, we are very excited to be working with the global Cemex organization in the further development of our technology supporting the cement industry,” said Greg Ross, Executive Director.  “The support of Cemex Ventures will undoubtedly be a major part of our success and we look forward to further collaboration as we implement larger scale projects.” 

This technology has the potential to position Cemex as a leader in carbon capture in the construction industry. It aims to help Cemex reduce its Scope 1 CO2 emissions to reduce the direct greenhouse gas emissions derived from its production processes. This investment bolsters the ambitions climate action goals set out by Cemex’s sustainability program, Future in Action, through its Innovation & Partnerships pillar.  

About KC8 Capture Technologies 

KC8 Capture Technologies Ltd ( is a process licensing company developing carbon capture technologies. KC8 is an Australian based and operates in Melbourne, Perth and now has an office in the USA. The company has developed carbon capture technologies which are currently going into a commercial demonstration phase in both cement kiln flue gas and gas turbine flue gas. Through research and development, it controls 11 patent families with over 40 awarded international patents and many more pending. 

About Cemex Ventures 

Launched in 2017, Cemex Ventures focuses on helping overcome the main challenges and capitalizing on the opportunity areas in the construction ecosystem through solutions that consider sustainability. Cemex Ventures has developed an open collaborative platform to lead the revolution of the construction industry, engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders to tackle the challenges in the construction environment and shape the industry’s future. For more information on Cemex Ventures, please visit: 

About Cemex 

Cemex is a global construction materials company that is building a better future through sustainable products and solutions. Cemex is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through relentless innovation and industry-leading research and development. Cemex is at the forefront of the circular economy in the construction value chain and is pioneering ways to increase the use of waste and residues as alternative raw materials and fuels in its operations with the help of new technologies. Cemex offers cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and urbanization solutions in growing markets around the world, powered by a multinational workforce focused on providing a superior customer experience enabled by digital technologies. For more information, please visit: 


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