16 ConTech startups in project design and engineering

CEMEX Ventures’ list of the Top 50 ConTech startups in 2019 focused on three main areas of interest, providing solutions to tackle the challenges faced by the construction sector. One of these three areas of interest was “project design and engineering”, but do you know what these startups actually do?

They work to optimize the construction project design and specification process with innovative solutions for the design, engineering and planning. These startups provide the industry with suitable techniques and tools to maximize a construction project’s efficiency and quality.

These innovative companies work to implement state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality and augmented reality, to name just a few.

  • Airsquire (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): a cloud-based visualization and verification platform used to identify discrepancies and reduce risks and costs.
  • Arkio (Reykjavik, Iceland): a collaborative design application in which virtual and augmented reality are used to make prototypes and to validate building and infrastructure designs.
  • Bldbox LLC (San Francisco, U.S.): a platform which incorporates predictive analytics into real estate development and construction.
  • Fohlio (New York, U.S.): a customizable platform which is used in the engineering, architecture and construction sectors for managing budgets, requirements, purchases and projects.
  • HELIX RE (San Mateo, U.S.): a data visualization solution which is created using scanning, photogrammetry and artificial vision.
  • Hypar (Culver City, U.S.): a collaborative cloud-based solution for sharing knowledge and tools which is used to optimize processes in the ConTech sector.
  • Join (San Francisco, U.S.): an intelligent platform which facilitates decision-making processes for construction agents.
  • myConsole (London, U.K.): a productivity software used to save time and increase win rates in bidding processes.
  • nPlan (London, U.K.): a pre-construction planning software which uses machine learning to predict outcomes, optimize time and prevent potential risks.
  • Plannerly (Irvine, U.S.): a BIM management platform designed to simplify the planning, implementation of, and compliance with workflows in the construction sector.
  • Thunderbolt (Dover, U.S.): an artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform which is used to reduce risks and allow teams to bid more competitively.
  • X3 Builders (San José, U.S.): a 100% technological solution which combines architectural design, material procurement and construction services in order to reduce cost uncertainty and wasteful redesign efforts.
  • Archilyse (Zurich, Switzerland): an artificial-intelligence-based SAAS solution applied to data-analytics, which facilitates decision-making processes as well as task automation in the construction sector.
  • bimspot (Vienna, Austria): a BIM oriented collaborative, transparent and efficient platform.
  • Deepblocks (Miami, U.S.): a platform which offers an online real estate calculator and real-time data visualization.
  • TestFit (Dallas, U.S.): a design tool which creates valuable algorithms for architects, developers and contractors.

CEMEX Ventures, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Tracxn launched their list of the 50 most promising startups in the construction ecosystem of 2019. The alliance of these three leading companies aims to explore and promote new business models in the global construction industry.

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