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Facilitator of digital twins using laser scanning, photogrammetry, computer vision and artificial intelligence




HELIX RE is increasing the value of the built world by creating the foundation for collecting and understanding data quickly, easily and affordably–not just for hundreds of buildings but for all the buildings.

HELIX Twins are accurate plans including 3D Revit and 3D SketchUp models, 2D AutoCADs, PDFs and 360° photo tours that can be shared without special training or software and accessed on standard mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

HELIX RE Twins are created using laser scanning (LiDAR), photogrammetry, computer vision, AI, and massive cloud computing power and are delivered within days for less than the cost of traditional building plans.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore, London, New York, and Chicago, HELIX RE is the category leader delivering HELIX Twins fast and cost-effectively so that building information can be easily understood and shared- not just for hundreds of buildings but for all of the buildings.