Venture Capital in the Construction Industry – Part I

Over the course of the last decade, while attempting to position itself as a renovating sector, the construction industry has faced numerous challenges. This industry is looking to improve its new construction methods and new technologies, and bring about improvements, both in communications and in its operators’ workflow.

The “Construction Technology (ConTech)” concept is increasingly being used to refer to the new technologies which are being developed and implemented within this industry.

The significant investments which have been made by Venture Capital firms in startups and new technologies, have really enabled the ConTech world to pick up steam. Global Venture Capital investments continue to grow, and in fact, the total amount invested worldwide at the end of the third quarter of 2018 was 183 billion Euros, well above 2017’s annual total of 171 billion Euros.

The most interesting companies for investors and investment


The main focus of activity in this ever-expanding world of Venture Capital is the United States, which, together with the fast-moving Asian giant, has become the main hub for the largest and most active Venture Capital firms.

The United States is home to numerous investment hubs, San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the two leading centres for venture investment. These are followed by New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta and Seattle, with Austin and Miami completing this list.

Venture Capital in the Construction Industry


The most significant investments have been made in the United States and there are now numerous startups in the United States. It cannot be denied that these companies really have the competitive edge, not just because of the solutions they are able to offer, but also due to:

Alongside the United States and Asia, the investment ecosystem in the construction sector is gaining considerable ground in other countries such as Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom and Finland.

  • Their geographical location, when considering the areas where the main Venture Capital firms are actually located.
  • Their access to the robust business infrastructure, thanks to hubs which are connected to the business communities in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.
  • The American low-risk aversion mentality, receptive to innovation and confident of success.  

Hot technology trends and topics to invest in

Startups have identified a unique opportunity to work with new trends and technologies, which will enable them to improve both the efficiency and the results of the construction industry.

Some technologies such as BIM, Drones, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are being used more and more by construction startups. Nonetheless, the main focus of these startups is in the development of collaborative software, offsite construction and project management.

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