Rebartek: “construction startups are the ones that are going to change the industry”

Rebartek is a Norwegian construction startup that prefabricates rebar cages and aims to become a one-stop shop in order to solve all the rebar pains. The winners of Construction Startup Competition 2019 aim to have their mobile factory ready by 2022 so they can serve clients in multiple markets.

In this interview with Max Trommer, founder and CEO of Rebartek, we discuss his view of the future of the construction industry and recall his participation in last year´s competition.


How do you think the construction industry will change in the long term?

The construction industry, and how it´s going right now, is extremely ripe for disruption. I am quite fascinated by the space industry and how SpaceX has disrupted it completely by a very deep vertical integration, and I assume something like this will also happen with the construction industry.

Imagine that someone gave us a new tool, like a nail gun, but we don´t know how to use it properly yet. We are just hammering with the nail gun instead of shooting the nails. That´s kind of what we are doing with robots. We are trying to do the old things like we´ve always done before, just with robots. But I think robots can be one of the key factors enabling a true revolution in the construction industry.


What do you remember most about participating in Construction Startup Competition?

Last year we were in Mexico with Construction Startup Competition and one of the things I remember the most is that we had a great mood between all the startups that where there. It was a very camaraderie atmosphere, like saying “we are in this together and we are the ones that are going to change the industry”. I met a lot of inspiring and impressive people, and those are still connections that we are still nurturing to this day.

Check out Max´s full interview above to learn more about his experience in Construction Startup Competition and to catch some tips for this year´s participants.

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