Top 50 Contech Startups 2019

Three leading companies in the construction, consulting services, business, and innovation fields release the list of the 50 most promising startups to lead the Contech ecosystem.

Project design & engineering

TestFit Deepblocks Bimspot Archylise nPlan Fohlio Plannerly Arkio Hypar Join HelixRe Bldbox X3Builders Thunderbolt Airsquire myConsole

Project & jobsite management

Ynomia Mechasys Trelar Trade Hounds Knowify Ruckit Datakwip SafeAI Avvir IPSUM StructionSite Linkx GoFor Propergate Matrak Unearth Qualis Flow

Sustainable and innovative materials & construction methods

Node PlantPrefab Manufacton MachineMax OKIBO Cloudcycle ConcreteSensors SAALG EnergyVault Toggle Modulous Kewazo Rebartek Arqlite Apiscor COBOD