Modulous offers a digitized platform that instantly creates designs from a defined kit of parts, enabling third-party, local builders to assemble and install high quality, sustainable yet truly affordable homes.

The vision of Modoulous is to relieve the global housing crisis by profoundly redefining how houses are designed and built, leveraging disruptive technologies.

The talented and experienced team of architects, designers, engineers and digital specialists have assessed every aspect of delivering homes, identifying key deliverables and current bottlenecks, to establish which we can control, influence and improve. It became apparent that modular construction, in its current form, is not transformational.

It needs to make significant improvements to qualify as such, and although it does improve speed and quality of the build process, it will not solve the housing crisis. Too many factors remain inefficient. A new approach needs to be adopted that can, at least, double the volume of home production for the UK to meet its housing obligations between now and 2030.

With the benefits of generative design, a fully integrated supply chain, intelligent materials and high-volume assembly, carried out by a team of dynamic professionals working in synergy around our ethical and sustainable values.

The model can be easily scaled to global heights, and will truly transform the housing industry.