Internet of Things will connect processes and players of the construction industry transforming it forever

The connection between everyday devices and the Internet is becoming more common, giving way to the well-known technology, Internet of Things. This technology facilitates day-to-day work and offers solutions and benefits in reducing costs and risks in several industries.

Not only you can see it in cars, appliances, or televisions connected to the Internet, in the construction industry there are numerous advances in continuous development. Currently, the application of IoT in buildings, machinery and construction materials, and smartcities is full. Facilitates and provides comfort, agility, and safety for the benefit of people through the installation of several technological devices, interconnecting equipment and, systems through the Internet.

These are some of the potential applications standing out in the construction lifecycle:

  • Design and planning

The installation of IoT sensors on roads and buildings facilitates the planning and development of smartcities. Through traffic sensors, traffic and urban development are optimized, since they allow predicting attitudes received from previous situations. It is also used to know the behavior of temperature and wind patterns or to anticipate new needs for infrastructure development.

  • Construction Management and Logistics

The installation of IoT sensors combined with the BIM technology can help to coordinate a construction, by supplying information to the production and logistics plans. It also helps to organize the sustainability of buildings by automatically optimizing their energy consumption.

  • Predictive maintenance and operations

In this area, IoT sensors have a vast potential when used in construction, anticipating equipment failures or facilitating predictive maintenance. In this phase of a construction the lifecycle, it provides numerous benefits by saving time and costs thanks to the prevention of new investments in equipment, and unnecessary delays in construction.

Heavy construction equipment outfitted with sensors can also identify the danger of collapse in areas with a high risk of natural disasters, anticipating threats in construction and monitoring the state of buildings after natural disasters.

Without a doubt, the application of Internet of Things in the construction industry predicts a high rate of efficiency and productivity to meet the needs of modern societies. The position of CEMEX Ventures sets many more applications throughout the construction ecosystem. Therefore, it seeks personalized solutions through startups and entrepreneurs willing to be part of the construction revolution.

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