Four areas of investment in Contech

One of the most common challenges for investors (e.g., banks, [corporate] venture capitalists, hedge funds, etc.) is having a limited deal flow. With so many startups in the ecosystem, it can be hard to find clarity in all the chaos. Couple that with a misalignment of interests between startups and investors and a lack of overall visibility, and the difficult world of investing comes to light. But without high risk, there’s no high return.  

Some investors may have solely financial motivations; what matters are the financial statements! However, in the construction industry, we’re seeing more and more investors with a holistic approach to investing. Financial prosperity is key for any business, of course, but it’s not the only indicator of success in today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

That’s why major industry incumbents are looking for new mechanisms to find the most promising startups in the Construction Technology (Contech) landscape. One such vehicle is the Construction Startup Competition, now in its 7th edition, hosted this year by Cemex Ventures, Black & Veatch, Dysruptek by Haskell, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group’s Leonard, NOVA by Saint Gobain, Trimble, and Zacua Ventures. 

The 9 Competition partners have launched a call to find the next Contech unicorns (it could be you!) and here’s where they’re looking to invest based on the needs and pain-points of the sector.

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Four investment areas

At Cemex Ventures we place our passion in four market-driven opportunity areas we consider crucial for the future of the Construction industry. These are Green Construction, Enhanced Productivity, Construction Supply Chain, and Future of Construction. Each of these focus areas, as we refer to them, presents an opportunity for innovation that’s waiting to be developed and implemented on a large scale. We know that the solutions of the future are already in existence today, which is why we’re calling on startups to “Join the Builders of the Future Now” – the slogan of this year’s Competition. Read on to see if your solution falls within our four focus areas.  

Green Construction

Can your solution make construction more sustainable?

Enhanced Productivity

Can your solution make construction more efficient? 

Construction Supply Chain

Can your solution make construction more on time?

Future of Construction

Can your solution make construction more innovative?

How do I apply?

Does your startup have a solution/technology/business model that falls under one of the four focus areas and sub-topics? Then hit that ‘Apply’ button! It’s never been easier; here’s how it works:  

  1. Check out the Construction Startup Competition web page See which focus area your startup’s solution falls under (e.g., Green Construction, Enhanced Productivity, Construction Supply Chain, or Future of Construction).  
  2. Click apply  
  3. Fill out an application – This should take about 5 minutes, as most of the questions are multiple choice and are materials your startup should have on hand.  
  4. Receive your confirmation email and post the Applicant Badge to your social networks You will receive an email confirming the correct submission with your application and included is your Construction Startup Competition 2023 Applicant Badge. Please feel free to share this with your network on your social media channels, and remember, by simply hitting that ‘Apply’ button you’re joining one of the biggest networks in the construction industry.

Pitch Day 2023

The Competition’s application period runs until July 2. After this date the Competition hosts will deliberate and review the hundreds of applications submitted, and a panel of jurors will shortlist the top applications and conduct further interviews with the top startups. In late October the Competition’s winners will be announced, but it doesn’t end there…  

Meet us in Las Vegas, USA!

The winners will go on to Pitch Day, which is being held this year at Trimble’s Dimensions User Conference in Las Vegas, NV, United States from 6-8 November 2023.  

The selected startups will be invited to attend the three-day conference where they will pitch to the jury made up of executives from the Competition’s host partners, experts in construction and innovation, and other keen investors.

You have the chance to pitch at one of the industry’s top conferences,

so what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions about your application, the Competition benefits, or whether your solution falls within one of our 4 focus areas, contact us and a member of our Investment Team will answer you as soon as possible.

Let’s keep in touch!


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