A letter to all Contech and Cleantech startups

We understand your pain points and how the murky economic forecasts cast a shadow of uncertainty on the future of not just your business but the world more generally. That’s why we think that there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little bit of help.  

Cemex Ventures is more than a corporate venture capital; we provide strategic opportunities for startups that go beyond investment. We’re here to help you accomplish your journey so we can foster the construction industry revolution together.  

The Construction Startup Competition, hosted together by Cemex Ventures, Black & Veatch, Dysruptek by Haskell, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group’s Leonard, NOVA by Saint Gobain, Trimble, and Zacua Ventures, is one such opportunity. It’s much more than simply a challenge to find the best solutions in the construction industry; we unite major stakeholders across industries, such as leading advanced building materials and construction corporations, top investors, promising startups, and insightful thought leaders, to create a powerful vehicle for innovation.

Like one our favorite video game heroine from The Legend of Zelda says,

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”

What’s this? The benefits you can reap by just applying to Construction Startup Competition 2023. Keep reading to see what’s waiting for you.

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What are the Construction Startup Competition benefits for startups?

You don’t have to wait for the winners announcement in October to start benefiting from the Competition. Once you submit your application, you’ll already be on the path to elevating your business. Here’s why you should apply: 


Be a part of the biggest ecosystem in the construction industry, made up of 5000+ startups & 300+ investors and corporate partners! 

Meet other startups with similar and complementary business models to yours who have also made it their mission to make tangible change to advance the construction industry. Not only can you count on being part of a network made up of top-tier startups (even some unicorns!) 7 years in the making, but you can also count on the network of the 9 competition partners: Cemex Ventures, Black & Veatch, Dysruptek by Haskell, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group’s Leonard, NOVA by Saint Gobain, Trimble, and Zacua Ventures – leaders in a number of different industries! 

Don’t underestimate the importance of a vast and meaningful network, since collaboration is one of the tools at our disposal to successfully transition the biggest industry in the world. McKinsey said it best, disruption is construction’s new normal.


Get one step closer to receiving strategic investment to finance your solution and grow your business exponentially! 

At the end of the day, you’re running an early-stage business that needs smart money to succeed. But the future of the industry also requires the participation of incumbents, which is why the Competition’s corporate partners are looking to invest in the future, in your promising solutions. Instead of cold calling and searching far and wide to secure funding, the Construction Startup Competition is THE platform to connect you with keen investors and take you from acquaintances to partners. What’s more, since appraisals of Contech startups appear to be adjusting more to reality after years of especially high valuations, capital you can count on is not to be underestimated.  

Winners of the competition have gone to participate in important investment rounds from companies leading the challenge (and other investors who have their eagle eye set on the turnout of this event). Document Crunch and Modulous, winners from 2021 and 2020 respectively, are examples of 2 former winners who went on to receive direct investment from two of the Competition sponsors.


Pilot and test your solution in real markets anywhere in the world! 

Remember, “It’s dangerous to go alone,” which is why you can benefit from piloting your business model with experts with a long history of expertise in the industry. Networking and capital are a means to an end, to help you to accelerate and grow your business and start piloting. The Construction Startup Competition is one way to start intelligently piloting, and because of the global coverage of the nine corporate partners, you can test and pilot anywhere in the world. Our industry is global, so your solutions should be too.

Pitch Day

Pitch your solution to executive representatives from the Competition’s sponsors on the biggest stage for construction investors! 

At the end of the day, you’re in competition with the best startups in the industry. And like any competition, ‘it ain’t over ’til it’s over’! Once we announce the winners of the Competition, they’ll have the opportunity to compete for a gold medal and pitch to investors who are keen to back them. This year, Pitch Day will take place at Trimble’s Dimensions User Conference in Las Vegas, NV, United States on 6-8 November 2023.

Winners’ testimonials

Here is what some of the winners of our past Competition editions had to say. Once the application phase closes and we announce the winning startups, our relationship with the applicants doesn’t simply end there. The opportunities for success are boundless. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself: 

Apply now

“Startups don’t need to wait for the winners announcement before they begin seeing the benefits of the Competition. If you have a solution that catches any of the 9 partners’ attention, we’ll begin conversations with you immediately,” said Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures.  

The deadline to apply is July 2, but don’t wait until the last days to submit your application. Like in previous editions, you should apply to one of the Competition’s 4 verticals: Green Construction, Enhanced Productivity, Construction Supply Chain, and Future of Construction.  

Let’s keep in touch!


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