Enhanced productivity

Atlanta, United States

Web-based platform that immediately finds and provides important provisions in contracts and other documents, saving time and money while making the industry smarter and better able to manage construction projects.

Document Crunch believes that contracts don’t have to be such a pain point. From the suits to the hard hats, everyone should have the confidence to know what’s in their contract without having to over- invest in resources and time. To help teams, their solution provides a comprehensive analysis of the contract’s riskier provisions by automatically generating a tabbed and highlighted version of it along with some explanation around those issues, which can be customized to the user’s preferences. This is an invaluable resource to support contract reviews and negotiations in the back office. In order for project level personnel to understand certain provisions in the contracts, Document Crunch creates a bridge between the back office and the individuals tasked with executing the project by creating a Cheat Sheet that provides a full understanding of the provisions that impact the day-to-day management of the projects.

Document Crunch