CEMEX VENTURES invests in LINKX, a software for optimizaing the delivery of construction materials

  • LINKX offers control of deliveries and vehicles in real time, allowing for data-based decision-making.
  • CEMEX reinforces its position as a pioneer in solving the challenges of the construction ecosystem through innovation and the digital world.

MADRID, SPAIN. APRIL 11, 2019 – CEMEX Ventures announced today its investment in LINKX, a company that offers specialized software to optimize goods delivery. The company’s software solution allows control of deliveries and vehicles in real time, allowing for data-based decision-making and facilitating communication and information among all involved parties: shipper, carrier, and receiver. Within the increasingly busy technological world of logistics, LINKX stands out for its user-friendly interface, robustness and convenient integration, and customer-centric focus.

With LINKX, shippers or freight generators plan deliveries in a simple way, allowing them to assign operations to their own carriers or third parties. In addition, to enable visibility of shipment status and vehicles’ location in real time, LINKX digitizes delivery vouchers, provides administrative advantages, and fosters fluidity in the billing process. Another distinguishing function of this delivery optimization software is its analytical reports that offer data-based conclusions about its logistic operation.

Another segment that benefits from this platform are drivers. LINKX allows drivers to schedule their performed services and functions as a co-pilot that optimizes their routes. This tool is able to collect signatures and offer graphic evidence for proof of digital delivery. Through LINKX, customers receive merchandise very easily, are informed at all times of the delivery process, and receive the same digital receipt. The platform allows them to assess the service, improve trust, and provide feedback to shippers and carriers.

LINKX Global

CEMEX Ventures’ portfolio grows. “This investment is a clear example of our offer. LINKX came to us at a very early stage, and together, we worked on continuous improvements by reinforcing their minimum viable product and offering continuous feedback on our knowledge of industry and technology. After numerous optimizations, we have piloted this solution with several CEMEX clients to achieve a very robust solution for the supply chain management challenge,” said Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of CEMEX Ventures.

LINKX, which currently operates in the Mexican and Spanish markets, explores new sectors beyond construction. It is expected that its results’ efficiency, confidence, and visibility position it close to generating important sales, transforming it into a leading software solution specializing in delivery optimization.

Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on helping to solve the main challenges and areas of opportunity for the construction ecosystem through sustainable solutions. CEMEX Ventures has created an open and collaborative platform to lead the construction industry revolution by engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other relevant stakeholders to address the industry’s toughest challenges and shape tomorrow’s value ecosystem. For more information on CEMEX Ventures, please visit: www.cemexventures.com.

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