Meet the Winners: Construction Startup Competition 2020

Almost 700 construction revolutionaries competed to become the missing piece in the industry during the fourth edition of Construction Startup Competition, the most powerful startup challenge in the construction industry.

This competition has been the prime event of CEMEX Ventures since its beginnings. The first edition was celebrated in 2017 and it has kept getting bigger and more relevant within the ecosystem year after year. Once again, on its fourth edition, the Competition suffers an increase in participation and the quality of the projects. Even more, countries are starting to show more innovative Contech solutions.



All proposals have been evaluated, but there can only be 10 winners for the grand finale:

  • Beawre Digital, AI-driven SaaS platform that reduces budget overruns and delays in projects in real-time, enabling continuous operational risk control on processes
  • CarbiCrete, Cleantech company whose breakthrough patented technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete made with industrial by-products and captured carbon dioxide.
  • Construyo, Europe’s first marketplace and SaaS solution for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry
  • Converge, Productivity and sustainability optmization for the entire construction lifecycle by combining the power of AI, BIM and physical sensor data
  • Handle, A software and financing platform to help construction contractors and suppliers ensure payment for work and have better access to capital.
  • HIBOO, SaaS application that processes construction equipment data and makes it easily accessible to empower field operations
  • Modulous, Generative design software and standardised kit of parts to design and deliver healthy, sustainable and affordable homes through a distributed network of local assembly partners
  • Okibo, Autonomous indoor robot for application of construction materials, part of the finishing process, combining a unique 3D perception technology, an automatic path planning and a fully autonomous robotic work flow.
  • Voyage Control, SaaS platform to help construction firms manage their logistics and supply chain more efficiently as well as support their compliance needs
  • WaveScan Technologies, Disruptive beamforming electromagnetics based on smart scanner systems and advanced AI algorithms, enabling high-resolution 3D imaging for non-destructive applications.

As many things on 2020, our Global Pitchday has been modified: Pay attention!

After reviewing hundreds of applications, Construction Startup Competition selected 10 winners to participate in a Digital Pitchday! Winners will be able to pitch their solutions to a jury composed of Top Management representatives from CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group’s Leonard and NOVA by Saint-Gobain on December 2nd. In addition, the audience of this digital session will be composed of experts from the construction and investment industry under the framework of the Builtworlds Venture Conference event.

By going digital with the Pitchday, the five players ensure that safety is the top priority for everyone involved, but continue to promote an ecosystem where startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in the construction industry can interact and establish a relationship during these odd times.

But this is NOT the end of the challenge!

Out of the 10 winners, only selected innovators will be the gold medalists and be selected to participate in a Speed Dating round with global industry leaders and have the opportunity to present their projects at the first in-person event that Builtworlds will host during mid-2021, should the situation allow for it.

More than ever, the conversation around how to make it more technological, digitalized, and industrialized, one of the main challenges of Construction Startup Competition, is latent and on the table.

To all startups that have participated and are not part of this list…

By participating in 2020 Construction Startup Competition you have decided to be part of the community that´s most committed to revolutionizing the construction industry!

The five players continue to explore more deeply many of the participating startups, even if they didn’t make it to the final rounds; there are hundreds of very promising initiatives that with a push from companies with a wider view from the sector can definitely make their way successfully into new opportunities within the industry

Are you the missing piece? 

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