Aug 20, 2019

Energy Vault Receives $110 Million From SoftBank For Gravity-Assisted Power Storage

Energy storage company Energy Vault announced today a $110 million dollar investment from Japan’s SoftBank Vision Fund. This investment will set the company on the path to accelerating its development of large energy storage projects with its unique gravity-assisted technology.
The most powerful AI-based Saas platform for net zero carbon building.

Vizcab are the leading 360° Building Carbon Platform, focusing on the embodied carbon impact of materials and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), offering comprehensive solutions from carbon budgeting to regulatory accounting and reporting. Their services benefit the entire construction value chain, with a primary focus on empowering developers to formulate high-ROI carbon-to-cost strategies.

Vizcab harnesses an ever-expanding building carbon data lake encompassing 11 million square meters of construction, simplifying data science and machine learning. The startup prioritizes collaboration and cooperation, exemplified by their API strategy connecting the entire construction ecosystem to its cutting-edge technologies.

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