MONTERREY, MEXICO. OCTOBER 26, 2022 – CEMEX Ventures, the corporate venture capital and open innovation unit of CEMEX announced today the winners of its 2022 edition of the Construction Startup Competition. CEMEX Ventures leads the panel of jurors, which includes the competition’s nine other industry partners from Black & Veatch, Dysruptek by Haskell, Ferrovial, GS Futures, Hilti, VINCI Group’s Leonard, NOVA by Saint-Gobain, Procore Technologies, Inc., and Zacua Ventures, that has selected the top eight startups that will transform the industry as it is known today.  

Eight startups have been selected as the winners of the Construction Startup Competition 2022. In the category of Green Construction the winners were Carbon Limit [United States] and 2050 Materials [United Kingdom]. Likewise, the winners of the Enhanced Productivity vertical were Exodigo [United States] and Constru [Israel]. The Construction Supply Chain vertical was conquered by Soil Connect [United States] and Cathago [Germany], while the Construction’s Future is Now vertical winners were Loris [United States] and Automatic Construction [United States]. These startups were selected among hundreds of applicants worldwide because of their commitment to improve and revolutionize the industry from within. 

In two weeks’ time on November 9, 2022, the competition’s eight winners will compete by pitching their solutions to a jury of 10 members made up of members from CEMEX Ventures and the nine competition partners during Procore’s Groundbreak conference in New Orleans, United States. Each year, the leading construction technology conference brings together industry professionals from around the world to discover, learn, and innovate. Following the pitches, four gold medalists will be selected according to the competition’s four opportunity areas. However, in addition to the benefits the winners receive from the Construction Startup Competition, they are also awarded the unique opportunity to develop entrepreneur to entrepreneur relations with key industry leading corporations, exhibitors, and startups, and take advantage of the extensive exposure from the full-access three-day conference.  

The Construction Startup Competition is the leading and most promising challenge for startups in the industry. The competition calls for solutions that improve sustainability, efficiency, time, and innovation throughout the entire construction value chain. Startups who commit to “building a boundless new world”, the theme of this year’s challenge, benefit from networking, capital investment, and piloting their solutions in real markets anywhere in the world. 


  • 2050 Materials (United Kingdom) - Platform to find, compare, and specify sustainable building products to save time and money at any project stage. 
  • Automatic Construction (United States) - Cast in place concrete buildings at 1/5th the cost using pre-fab inflatable concrete formwork: 
  • Carbon Limit (United States) - Carbon negative cement technology that reduces the carbon footprint of concrete & turns it into a CO2 sponge: 
  • Cathago (Germany) – Purchase2Pay platform connecting the procurement department, construction site, and external suppliers – from requisition over invoice verification to payment: 
  • Constru (Israel) – AI-powered construction solution that turns captured imagery into insights for better data-driven decision making: 
  • Exodigo (United States) – Cutting-edge sensors and AI technology that identifies utilities and other underground entities accurately without the need to dig: 
  • Loris (United States) – Portable, battery-powered light towers to instantly deliver safety, security, WiFi, and transparency to job sites: 
  • Soil Connect (United States) –  Dirt & Aggregates Marketplace that connects those who have soil and aggregates with those who need it:

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