Leonard: “we need to partner with the best and most innovative players to tackle the industry’s challenges”

Leonard, VINCI Group´s innovation and foresight platform, and one of the main incubators in Europe dedicated to the future of cities and infrastructure, focuses on finding innovators, and discovering trends in new mobilities, artificial intelligence, construction technology and climate resilience.

On this interview with Julien Villalongue, Managing Director of Leonard, we discuss what Leonard offers to the startups participating in Construction Startup Competition, and even how his favorite Queen song can serve as motivation for all entrepreneurs considering applying.

Why did you join Construction Startup Competition?

Businesses in construction, infrastructure, mobility and energy are nowadays facing unique challenges no one will be able to solve alone, so we need to partner with the best and most innovative players to tackle them.

What do you expect from this competition?

With this competition we expect to stimulate and to take part in the development of an innovative ecosystem dedicated to construction technologies.

What do you offer to participants of Construction Startup Competition 2020?

To all the participants of the competition we offer a fast lane to our programs: the seed program, dedicated to early stage startups, and the catalyst program, for more mature players and projects. It´s also a way to create partnerships with one of our 3,000 business units.

Julien likes the energy and optimistic vibe the song Don´t Stop me Now from Queen showcases, and is looking forward to reviewing applications from energetic and optimistic entrepreneurs ready to tackle the construction industry’s challenges. Are you the missing piece? Apply by July 26 here.

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