Leading company focused on entrepreneurship and innovation to foster the future of construction

CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX´s Corporate Venture Capital, is launched as an open and collaborative platform for innovation focused on the detection, development and commercialization of disruptive and revolutionary projects.

This brand-new business unit works to solve the problems located in the construction industry, offering entrepreneurs the experience and knowledge of the sector and access to infrastructure. In addition to mentoring with competent and innovative ideas in market and technology strategy, it has a multidisciplinary team that operates globally. They have a clear goal: to expand in a wide network to become a benchmark of entrepreneurship.

Hand in hand with entrepreneurs, startups and universities, among other players, CEMEX Ventures works with the vision of leading the future of construction and technology. It follows an open and flexible model of action, adapting to the needs of the environment in which they operate and those of the entrepreneur.

Focused on the search for opportunities that improve current models of urban development, communication in the value chain, and development with new technologies and sources of financing, CEMEX Ventures calls brave people with the spirit of an entrepreneur, innovators with experience in locating problems and providing solutions.

Seek experts to support an immense community to develop their skills and knowledge to get to scale projects quickly. It does not matter if the previous projects have triumphed or failed, only if you share the vision and entrepreneurial character you can be part of this new era of reinvention in construction.

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