How can Real Time Tracking revolutionize the construction and logistics sectors?

By using Real Time Tracking systems it is possible to determine the exact location of objects and people in geolocated areas, both indoors and outdoors. The system offers a wide range of applications in sectors such as industry, defence, manufacturing and education, but above all in construction and logistics.

If we focus on the latter two, Real Time Tracking has two main areas of activity: indoors and outdoors, and different systems are used depending on the environment. Whilst the outdoor system is based on GPS sensors or smartphones which emit a signal which is then monitored on screen, the indoor system is intended for shorter distances, and it uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) by means of wireless tags which offer greater precision.

How can Real Time Tracking revolutionize the construction and logistics sectors?

Real Time Tracking, a high impact technology

Being able to know the exact location of people and resources in a given area offers great advantages for construction and logistics. Its implementation can have a direct impact on issues such as cost savings and the optimization of both time and resources.

In the field of construction, this type of localization system allows for real-time visibility both of the people involved in a particular infrastructure and of the necessary materials. It also improves safety and optimizes work flow through data generation.

Logistics is another area which is benefitting greatly from the implementation of this technology. By using this system it is possible to find out the exact position of goods in the warehouses, and likewise, other actions and functionalities can be detected. By reducing the time it takes to determine the status of each product and material delivery, it is possible to optimize work flow and capital.


The advantages of Real Time Tracking in the construction sector

RTT -outdoor (GPS):

• It is possible to find out the global position of lorries and materials.
• It optimizes driving, routes and fleet management.
• It offers metrics which provide users with information on efficiency: fuel consumption, mileage, timings, etc.
• It improves security, preventing thefts and reporting on any actions related to the vehicles and goods.

Real Time Tracking -indoor (RTLS):

• It is possible to determine the exact location of resources, individuals and personnel within an infrastructure.
• It keeps a temporary record of the use and location of elements.
• As with the outdoor system, it optimizes work processes, detects any activity which is taking place within an infrastructure, and improves safety.

Although the use of Real Time Tracking offers great advantages, it also presents a number of challenges; these include user privacy, the need for good connectivity, and the initial and start-up costs associated with its implementation.

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