Ferrovial: “we are open to signing strategic agreements to support the most promising solutions”

An interview with Ferrovial, one of the five leaders in the construction industry that joined the Construction Startup Competition 2020.


The following interview shows Rafael Fernández, Innovation and Digital Strategy Director at Ferrovial, and Javier Vaca de Osma, Technology and Processes Director in Ferrovial Construction. The directors of the Spanish company encourage entrepreneurs to present their candidacy and offer some advice in order to participate in the competition.

Watch the entire interview with Ferrovial´s leaders here:

What does Ferrovial offer to entrepreneurs?

“Ferrovial has developed in the last years a strong value proposition for SMEs and startups” stated Rafael Fernández. “We provide knowledge, capabilities and resources […] as we really believe startups bring to us new business models and new technologies that could be deployed in our assets and services” he added. 


What does Ferrovial expect from the Construction Startup Competition 2020?

“We want to know the most disruptive startups. We also want to identify applications of emerging technologies and innovative solutions to the challenges of the construction value chain; and finally, to identify innovative or disruptive business models that could affect our industry” expressed Javier Vaca de Osma. 


Does your startup offer a solution for any of these areas for opportunity? Participate in Construction Startup Competition 2020 and become a leader in the construction revolution! More information on the LINK.

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