MONTERREY, MEXICO. LUGANO, SWITZERLAND; DECEMBER 15, 2022 – Synhelion has raised CHF 22 million in another successful financing round. The funds were primarily provided by existing investors, including CEMEX and CEMEX Ventures, its corporate venture capital and open innovation unit, as well as selected new strategic investors. The proceeds of the investment round will accelerate the company’s growth and support the scaling and commercialization of Synhelion’s unique and validated technology.

Synhelion’s existing and new investors are world leading companies with outstanding track records and technological excellence, such as CEMEX, the SMS group, Eni, AMAG Group, and SWISS. In addition to the important funding from the investors, the invaluable and extensive know-how and technology portfolio of the investors creates significant synergies that enable Synhelion to accelerate the industrialization and global roll-out of its solar fuel technology.

Sustainable fuels are becoming increasingly significant as the mobility and construction sectors strive to decarbonize, not least to meet climate targets of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Synhelion’s solar fuels are a crucial solution in combatting climate change as they significantly reduce net CO2 emissions by directly replacing fossil fuels. The company’s drop-in fuels can be blended into the existing fuel distribution network and are fully compatible with existing vehicles and machinery.

Synhelion’s groundbreaking innovations

By successfully producing syngas on an industrial scale using solar heat, Synhelion reached the last decisive technical milestone for the industrial production of sustainable solar fuels in August 2022. Shortly after, Synhelion started construction on DAWN – the world’s first industrial plant to produce sustainable fuels using solar heat. DAWN will be the first facility to demonstrate the entire process on an industrial scale. This recent additional investment will enable the company to build DAWN and take the next steps for scaling its fuel production, including the technical design and construction planning of its first commercial plant in Spain.

This comes as just another groundbreaking innovation from Synhelion, who earlier this year in February, achieved a breakthrough in cement production with solar energy together with CEMEX. The two companies successfully connected the clinker production process with the startup’s solar receiver in order to produce solar clinker. Solar clinker, which replaces traditional, high CO2 emitting clinker, supplants fossil fuels entirely with solar energy, and represents a critical milestone in CEMEX’s journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

About Synhelion 

Synhelion is a global pioneer in the field of carbon-neutral solar fuels. The clean energy company evolved from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in 2016 to decarbonize the mobility sector. Industrial solar fuel production will start in Germany in 2023. The first commercial production facility is planned for commissioning in Spain by 2025. Synhelion is the first company to sustainably generate process heat beyond 1’500°C with concentrated solar radiation. This makes it possible to drive industrial processes such as fuel production and cement manufacturing with solar heat for the first time. The company provides the world with cutting-edge technology to solve the climate crisis and works with international partners such as Eni, CEMEX, Lufthansa Group, SMS group, Wood, AMAG Group, and Zurich Airport.  

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