Here are the winners of Construction Startup Competition 2021!

After five years of existence, we continue to nurture and grow our ecosystem of startups and new businesses that transform the day to day of the construction industry. From our first edition of the Construction Startup Competition in 2017 to today, already more than 2,000 startups makeup the ConTech ecosystem, identified through the largest global challenge for construction startups. This has become a statement ecosystem created by CEMEX Ventures together with entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders of the construction industry.

On 2021 we celebrate the fifth edition of the competition and it´s no coincidence that it takes place in a year where investment in construction startups is expected to surpass the previous records established in 2018 and 2020. If you have a startup surfing the waters of the built sector, this can totally be your year!

After engaging in fruitful conversations with the leading companies that have helped us make this a unique challenge, Dysruptek, Ferroviall, GS Futures, Hilti, VINCI Group´s Leonard and NOVA by Saint-Gobain, we now have the selection of the most promising startups of this year´s competition!

  • AI Clearing (United States)- Saas platform that integrates seamlessly several data sources into BI systems to provide digital insights.
  • Document Crunch (United States)- AI-powered software to identify and explain critical issues in construction contracts.
  • hyperTunnel (United Kingdom)- Patented new method to build and renew tunnels and underground infrastructures.
  • Nodes & Links (United Kingdom)- AI-based platform to create smart machines to automate project management.
  • ObraLink (Chile)- Data collection system to automate critical construction site activities such as concrete poured and formwork.
  • Presien (Australia)- AI vision systems to free heavy industries from the risks that threaten the safety of their people and business.
  • ProcurePro (Australia)- Digital subcontractor procurement platform to close the digital gap between bids & commitments.
  • RatedPower (Spain)- Cloud-based software to carry out the design and engineering of utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants.
  • Schüttflix (Germany)- Platform to order, transport, deliver and dispose bulk material 100% digitally.
  • WASTEBOX (Austria)- Digital waste management platform to automatically connect customers with the right disposal partner for their project.

“Welcome to Miami!”

The 10 winning startups have been invited to present their projects in the Builtworlds Venture Conference, on November 11 in Miami, Florida. The event reunites leaders in innovation and investment in construction technologies, and will serve as the stage for the winners of Construction Startup Competition to pitch their solutions and make themselves known amongst the key players from the industry. A getaway to the city of the eternal summer, with crystal clear beaches and palm trees that will serve as the location to expose the benefits of your company to the crème de la crème of the industry? WE-ARE-IN!

After the events that mark our lives since the beginning of 2020, the expectations of this event are even greater, and the opportunity for startups to make the leap and become the future legends of the industry is a reality that will be very latent among all attendees.

“The 10 winning startups will have tremendous visibility during the Builtworlds Venture Conference. Not only will they defend their solution in front of our attentive gaze, they will also be able to take advantage of the framework of the event to meet other entrepreneurs, generate synergies that result in collaborations for their businesses, have an approach with investors in the sector, and know first-hand what large companies in the industry are looking for when it comes to construction and innovation” expressed Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures and creator of Construction Startup Competition.

To the other participating companies that were not selected among the winners, do not be discouraged! We are making the future of ConTech increasingly promising and the demand for solutions that promote sustainability, reduce the use of environmentally harmful materials, digitize processes, increase productivity in the sector, improve the construction supply chain and introduce new construction methods is in full growth. Just by participating in the competition you have gained a place in the front row before a demanding public that is staring at the startups and entrepreneurs who bet on these solutions.

“It has taken time and sacrifice, but we made it.  ConTech is now in the eyes of all of us who seek to make things differently in this industry and promote a true revolution. The accelerated digitalization of construction, forced in part by the sudden arrival of the pandemic, and the desire to innovate in all processes along the construction value chain continues to make this competition one of the most relevant in the industry and the perfect scenario for entrepreneurs in the sector,” added Galindo.

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