CEMEX Ventures presents its annual list of the Top 50 Construction Startups

  • Investment in the ConTech ecosystem reached record levels in 2021, with over $4.5 billion USD invested up to date. The previous record was set in 2018 with $1.8 billion USD invested.
  • Greener construction becomes the strongest category this year and enhanced productivity, supply chain management and disruptive solutions for the future maintain their growth.

CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s Corporate Venture Capital and Open Innovation unit, released today its yearly TOP 50 ConTech Startups list. The selection features this year´s top 50 solutions from the construction technology ecosystem from around the world, and the most promising for 2022.

Investment in the ConTech environment reached record levels this year, with over $4.5 billion USD invested in 2021 (up to date), tripling the amount invested in 2020. This record-breaking year will end with not only a significant increase on investment, but it also tops the list as the one with most funding rounds and acquisitions made within the Contech ecosystem.

The new pain points in the industry and CEMEX Ventures commitment to finding solutions that tackle these challenges made the corporate venture capital renew its operational areas and debut new categories in its Top 50 ConTech Startups 2021 list: green construction, construction supply chain, enhanced productivity, and construction´s future is now.

From the selection, Europe and North America are the leading regions, being United States the country with most companies in the Top 50 ConTech Startups 2021. Other regions in the list include Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, with United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel having more participants selected in the list as these countries are driving significant investment for the ConTech ecosystem.  

“As we predicted last year, sustainable solutions saw a spike in investment from leading companies and investors. We will continue seeing this trend in 2022, as well as more companies betting on solutions that help deal with the supply chain hurdles that the industry is experiencing. Supply chain management had been struggling pre-pandemic and with COVID-19, the challenges increased” expressed Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures.

During 2021, the startups from the 2020 list participated in multiple investment rounds, some even now being part of CEMEX Ventures investment portfolio or working closely with CEMEX. Likewise, some are undergoing projects with leading companies of the construction ecosystem and will continue making highlights in the coming year.

For more information on the 2021 TOP 50 Construction Technology Startups list, please visit: www.cemexventures.com/top-50.




AI ClearingDigital project progress reporting SaaS platform that integrates several data sources to offer fully automated insights for infrastructure & energy. United States
ApellixAerial robotics company, creating computer-controlled UAVs to perform the dirty and dangerous work required for infrastructure construction and maintenance.United States
ATLAS GroupAI-powered data platform and search engine for the construction sector.United Kingdom
bex technologiesLast mile delivery and logistics platform for the construction industry.Germany
BRC SwissPile-head cutting problem solution that uses revolutionary new technology.Switzerland
CarbixTransforming CO2 into building materials.  United States
CeptionAI-powered system for mobile heavy equipment that improves safety, productivity, and sustainability.Israel
CirculariseBlockchain enabled platform that traces materials and products to verify the origins, certificates, CO2 footprint and other material data throughout their whole supply chain. The Netherlands
ConcularRecirculation of construction material through AI-based matching and GHG measurement with a life cycle assessment.Germany
Conxai TechnologiesNo-Code AI to accelerate the digital transformation in the AEC industry. Germany
CosunoCloud-based software that streamlines the bidding and tendering processes of any construction project.Germany
CoverDevelopers of first custom home building process that can scale to solve the housing crisis.United States
CRDCFine synthetic aggregate product lines to create a zero waste and emissions reduced symbiosis between advanced waste plastic management and the entire scope of the concrete industry.Costa Rica
Cuby TechnologiesOnsite mini factories for better building construction. United States
Document CrunchWeb-based platform that immediately finds and provides important provisions in contracts and other documents, saving time and money while making the industry smarter and better able to manage construction projects.United States
EiravatoSystemic software solution enabling commercially driven transformation of waste into resources.Ireland
GAUSS ControlHolistic solution to predict and reduce accidents in risky operations.Chile
GoContractorOnline subcontractor onboarding and safety management platform.Ireland
HiiRocStep-change technology for low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen production.United Kingdom
Hovering SolutionsAutonomous flying drones for underground and indoor inspections, capable of flying without GPS or any radio signal, generating 3D model of the infrastructure.Spain
hyperTunnelInfraTech startup with a patented process to build, repair and expand tunnels for transportation, utilities, mining, and underground assets.United Kingdom
InnoCSRDisruptive material technology company producing Soil Stabilizer that binds soil and cement together.South Korea
InStockCollaborative platform to track all construction products in real time.India
JustManageAutomated construction schedulingIsrael
MadasterDisruptive online cloud platform providing a one stop access point to leverage materials and property data.The Netherlands
MasttConTech SaaS solution that helps building & infrastructure owners make faster project decisions, preventing cost and time blowouts, and stopping risks before they occur.Australia
MinoliteTransforming glass waste into sustainable construction materialsSwitzerland
ModuleBuilding the future of attainable housing with better products & process.United States
ModulizeOffsite construction (OSC) platform powered by calculation and design automation. Norway
Nodes & LinksAI-based platform to create smart machines to automate project management.United Kingdom
PartRunnerLast-mile deliveries for the “big & bulky”.United States
PLINXSafety system designed to make construction sites smarter and safer.United Kingdom
ProcureProDigital procurement & subcontract management software for contractors that increases quality, efficiencies, and profitability.Australia
QuoteToMeSolution that digitizes the procure-pay workflow for building materials, equipment, and site services.Canada
RatedPowerAutomation optimization of the study, analysis, design, and engineering of photovoltaic plants in all its stages.Spain
RockeaseB2B marketplace and digital tools to procure and deliver aggregates for construction professionals.France
RuedataMachine learning solution to reduce tire expenses and CO2 emissions for fleet vehicles. Mexico
SafeAI IncGlobal autonomous heavy equipment leader focused transforming existing heavy industry machines into self-operating robotic assets. United States
SiteHiveReal-time environmental management for today’s world, providing an integrated hardware and software solution for the pro-active management of environmental impact.Australia
SkyMulModular robots to accelerate construction with nimbleness and scalability.United States
SMART CASTDisruptive off-site construction method for MEP integration in concrete slabs. France
StructShareInfield procurement and material management solution purpose-built for specialty contractors.Israel / USA
SynhelionSynhelion produces solar fuels to decarbonize industries.Switzerland
TelluxArtificial Intelligence and hyperspectral imaging for analyzing polluted soils.France
The Building Machines CompanyAdditive manufacturing technology that uses a robotic system to improve the creation of solid precast concrete structures and its components.United States
ThroughPutAI orchestration software that enables teams to leverage on existing industrial data systems across the entire end-to-end supply chain. United States
TrusstorData-driven SaaS solution for the construction industry that helps enhance site efficiency and safety, increasing profit margins and savings.Israel
UnilitePatented recycling technologies that turn multiple waste streams into high-performance lightweight aggregate.Taiwan
WASTEBOXWaste management platform that connects construction companies directly with haulers and disposal sites.Austria
YardlinkProcurement platform to digitize the construction supply chain.United Kingdom

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