Structural Panda

Structural PANDA is an intelligent, early stage, optioneering tool which can help to dramatically reduce the embodied carbon of building designs.

Low carbon building design is challenging because there are too many possible options. Most teams only have enough time to check a few different scheme options, but in reality there are 1000’s of possible scheme options, so good designs are often overlooked.

Up to 50% of embodied emissions and 20% of costs could be prevented through better early stage optioneering. So engineering consultancies are looking for a tool provide better early options analysis for their customers and reduce the emissions of their building designs.

PANDA is the first to market for a product capable of generating all feasible design scheme options from scratch. PANDA rapidly generates building designs and a bill of materials for all of the code compliant structural solutions, giving our customers the information they need for exceptional low carbon design capability.

PANDA is used by structural engineers, collaboratively with architects, clients, material manufacturers and consultants. Our users can analyse the results, create reports, view every detail of the generated designs and output selected designs into Tekla Structural Designer, saving around two weeks of design time and reducing the embodied emissions by up to one half.

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