Preoptima is a pioneering solution that integrates real-time whole life carbon assessments and carbon optioneering into early building design.

Preoptima is the world’s first early-stage decarbonisation platform that integrates real-time whole life carbon assessments and seamless carbon optioneering into conceptual building design. Using sophisticated AI algorithms and generative design, Preoptima makes designing compliant low-carbon buildings fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

The platform handles the generative design of structural systems, automates the calculation of material quantity take-offs, and delivers up-to-date carbon impact data for imported massing models. This allows building stakeholders to make data-driven decisions when it matters most, eliminating the limitations of the traditional resource-intensive linear design-assessment process. Born from over a decade of academic research, Preoptima is transforming how the industry approaches sustainable building design. You do not have to be an expert to perform robust early-stage carbon assessments, just use Preoptima.

Cambridge, London, UK

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