Materials Market

Materials Market is an online platform connecting buyers and sellers of building materials in a transparent and competitive environment.

Materials Market was founded in late 2020 by Samuel Hunt and Andrew Haehn, who both had backgrounds as professional buyers in the construction industry.

They had grown tired with the endless cycle of contacting supplier after supplier to find the best price and delivery time for building materials, and decided to create a marketplace that would deliver a better experience for both sides.

Using cutting edge marketplace technology and a unique method of order allocation based on live supply and demand, Materials Market drives short lead times and low prices for customers while still delivering value for its supply chain partners.

Materials Market has grown rapidly over the last few years to establish themselves as a leading force in their space, serving thousands of customers every month through their ecommerce website and generating millions in sales for their nationwide supply chain.

Looking to the future, Materials Market has some interesting projects in the pipeline, including the incorporation of AI into their business model and additional features targeted at specific customer types.

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