ecoworks is innovation leader in design & installation of prefabricated energy efficiency retrofits for owners of old, energy-wasting multi-story apartment houses in Europe.

ecoworks develops products that enable fast and cost-effective serial refurbishment of existing buildings. For us, the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in the building sector through a highly efficient building skin, modern TGA solutions, and the building’s own supply of clean electricity. In addition to sustainable building operation, we want to make modernization measures as economical as possible. For this reason, we develop and sell a solution kit for serial refurbishment for housing companies, architects, planners, property developers and energy consultants.

The core product consists of prefabricated elements for the facade and roof, which are industrially manufactured as a timber frame construction with sustainable insulating materials and integrated building technology as well as new windows. What is usually manufactured and installed by hand on the building site can be produced by robots in partially automated factories and brought directly to the building site as a finished building skin and installed easily and quickly. Buildings that were once highly inefficient can thus be turned into plus-energy houses within just a few weeks.

Serial refurbishment with the new building skin not only creates highly efficient buildings, but also creates new living space simply and sustainably by adding an additional floor or adding balconies. Climate-neutral densification of residential complexes takes a central role in this process.

The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to calculate savings plans, costs, emissions and energy consumption, and to define further suitable measures. Based on this extensive data, projects can be implemented much faster compared to conventional renovations. Get it done – all in one!

ecoworks: The easiest and fastest way to renovate buildings with lasting value.

Berlin, Germany

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