Brinja builds intelligent construction with a wireless IoT ecosystem platform app that optimizes energy, increases safety and efficiency during the production phase of a site.

Brinja’s app helps construction sites improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability by providing simple, easy-to-use IoT solutions. Through energy optimisation, the construction site can reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint by for example connecting the existing lighting system or other equipment like heating. Brinja’s evacuation alarm facilitates quick evacuations in case of danger. With high-standard live quality measurements of dust, noise, humidity, traffic analysis and temperature, the construction site can plan and carry out its work more efficiently.

The system includes plug and play hardware that can be installed easily in the site and creates a wireless network that can connect devices and deliver the services through the mobile app. As a result, Brinja helps customers put their expertise where it is needed and allows IoT systems to handle the time-consuming, but necessary, tasks or even accomplished with rules requested by customer or authorities.

Gothenburg, Sweden

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