AECInspire is a SaaS solution that digitizes building material procurement and management with emphasis on prefab to address labor shortage and price volatility.

Building drawings lack construction and/or detailed material information used for construction. Contractors employ many experienced and highly paid resources to develop complete list of Bill of Materials (BOM), procure material from 100s of different suppliers, and track 1000’s of order activities. This is a cripplingly manual and error-prone process that leads to costly mistakes and over ordering. On a typical construction project, 15% of material is wasted and additionally up to 20% of project’s labor cost can be consumed for handling material. That is a trillion dollars ($1T) wasted annually globally.

AECInspire is an easy-to-use SaaS application that digitize all the steps of project’s material procurement and management lifecycle. Its patent pending powerful rules-based AI-ready BOM Engine not only auto generates accurate, comprehensive Bill of Material (BOM) with specific emphasis on identifying prefab opportunities and link them with national material and prefab suppliers. With industry facing acute skilled labor shortage and pricing volatility from supply chain disruptions, AECInspire’s platform delights its customers with benefits of 95% reduction in material waste and 90% increase material handling labor productivity.

Newark, CA, United States of America

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