Digital marketplace connecting those with dirt and aggregates with those who need it.

Soil Connect is an innovative digital marketplace that provides a better, faster and cheaper way for construction professionals to transport and acquire soil, aggregates and other building materials.

By enabling our users to transact at shorter distances, we are saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars while substantially reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 emissions.

To further support this mission, Soil Connect has just announced the launch of their eTickets product, which digitized the paper ticketing process used when hauling dirt, aggregates and other materials from one location to another.

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    Aug 20, 2019

    Energy Vault Receives $110 Million From SoftBank For Gravity-Assisted Power Storage

    Energy storage company Energy Vault announced today a $110 million dollar investment from Japan’s SoftBank Vision Fund. This investment will set the company on the path to accelerating its development of large energy storage projects with its unique gravity-assisted technology.