Construction´s future is now

Santa Clara, California, United States

Global autonomous heavy equipment leader focused transforming existing heavy industry machines into self-operating robotic assets.

SafeAI sees the future of heavy industry with autonomy poised to reshape industries like construction and mining. For the past 5 years, SafeAI has proven the value and impact of autonomous vehicle technology for heavy industry, and is entering an era of massive adoption.

They started by automating a Bobcat bulldozer to complete load-haul-dump cycles without human intervention and have since retrofitted other dump trucks to run autonomously at a live quarry with unprecedented speed. Enabled by autonomy, each vehicle can add approximately 1,000 additional hours of productivity per year, making a difference between capital projects being completed in four years instead of five, and under or over budget — driving meaningful benefits for not just companies, but entire cities. SafeAI is leading the beginning of a new era for heavy industry by being smarter, safer and more productive than ever.

SafeAI Inc