Waste to Energy Advanced Solutions (“WtEnergy”) is a clean energy startup that has developed a novel process to transform solid waste into synthesis gas for industrial purposes.

WtEnergy converts biomass and non-recyclable waste into a lower-carbon energy solution, which can be used in the short term as a fossil fuel alternative or be upgraded in the medium and long term to gases such as biomethane or pure hydrogen.

CEMEX intends to incorporate this clean energy source into its clinker and cement manufacturing process, looking to further reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. CEMEX aims to increase its fossil fuel substitution rate by 20 percentage points by 2030.

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    Aug 20, 2019

    Energy Vault Receives $110 Million From SoftBank For Gravity-Assisted Power Storage

    Energy storage company Energy Vault announced today a $110 million dollar investment from Japan’s SoftBank Vision Fund. This investment will set the company on the path to accelerating its development of large energy storage projects with its unique gravity-assisted technology.