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Smart delivery management system for complex construction sites




ProperGate software introduces Just-in-Time deliveries to complex construction sites. The system optimizes logistics by providing smart assistance in planning, registering, ordering, scheduling, monitoring, inspecting, unloading and reporting material delivery.

The tool is dedicated to logistics coordinators and supports contractors in material management. The solution supports the delivery of all construction materials and enables scheduling of unloading spots & equipment. By improving information exchange between project stakeholders brings transparency and predictability.

For long-term deliveries like concrete, reinforcement steel and waste automates real-time communication with suppliers and advanced progress monitoring.

ProperGate brings efficiency to complex construction projects by simultaneously managing logistics, environmental protection, employees, time optimization and budget.

The platform provides savings and positively affects the timeliness of projects. Thanks to the sustainability module project can decrease CO2 emissions thus facilitating the BREEAM or LEED certificates by monitoring the emission of the vehicle.