An AI-based, complete solution to manage a company’s entire construction operation: assets, crew and job sites, in one platform.

Construction fleet owners waste 20% of their annual equipment cost in low utilization, unplanned downtime, idling assets, and unnecessary rental and assets hoarding. On average, this translates to 6% of revenues, and more than their entire net profit margin. Companies are aware of this wastage but find it impossible to reduce because they lack an integrated fleet management solution that works across Operations and Equipment departments, all jobs/functions, and all asset types and OEMs.

Clue is the first fully integrated solution to digitize, connect and optimize all aspects of construction fleet operations – off-road, on-road, tools and crew – in a single platform. Powered by AI and robust telematics integrations, Clue provides operations and fleet managers actionable data, a single ‘source of truth’ and a centralized place to manage their entire fleet operation, eliminating 25% of unnecessary equipment cost and reducing asset management time by 80%.

United States

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