CEMEX Ventures expands its investment in SAALG to make their technology an international standard for engineering projects

  • CEMEX Ventures, Mott Mac-Donald and Crèdit Andorrà invest in SAALG Geomechanics to make their technology become the global standard for great engineering and construction projects.
  • The joint investment will propel the development of the Daarwin software to cover the lifecycle of major civil projects: planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

MONTERREY, MEXICO. MAY 26, 2021– CEMEX Ventures, corporate venture capital and open innovation unit of CEMEX, announced today that they increased their participation in the Spanish company SAALG Geomechanics (“SAALG”), an engineering and software startup that predicts the ground´s behavior in real time during a project´s execution cycle. CEMEX Ventures announced its initial investment in SAALG in 2018.

The increase in participation in SAALG is done with Mott Mac-Donald and Crèdit Andorrà, who are investing jointly. This will allow the company to propel its technology, seeking to make it the global standard in the construction sector.

SAALG will develop new functionalities for their Daarwin software, which analyses in real time the terrain´s behavior on civil projects and large buildings by using Machine Learning, Real Time Data Analysis, and Cloud Computing. This functionality expansions seeks to make more efficient the entire lifecycle in great scale civil works, from its planning and design to is construction and further maintenance.

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Currently, the software allows to predict possible disasters or substantial changes caused by movements in the terrain, as well as fix unpredictable mismatches at the beginning of a project. The solution reduces the uncertainty in times, increases security, optimizes the construction process, and reduces the over dimensioning of natural resources, like concrete and steel.

The company estimates that economic savings can be over 10% of a project´s cost, and 20% in large building foundations and underground levels. The use of Daarwin also reduces the CO2 emissions and contribute to making the construction industry more sustainable.

Since its foundation in 2016, SAALG Geomechanics has participated in over 30 big scale engineering projects and grand edifications like tunnels, big excavations, railway works and highways in United Kingdom, France, Guatemala, Colombia, Singapore, Germany, and Spain, amongst others.

Cristian de Santos e Ignasi Aliguer, founding partners of SAALG, expresses that “this is a strategic jump in SAALG Geomechanics´ business model given that our technology is on its way to becoming the standard in construction, being used by agents all over the world. The medium-term objective is to become a big volume global platform of geotechnic data at the service of the construction industry”.

Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on helping solve the biggest challenges and opportunity areas the construction ecosystem has through the integration of sustainable solutions. CEMEX Ventures has created an open and collaborative platform to lead the construction revolution, getting startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders involved to tackle the most pressing issues in the industry and form a valuable ecosystem for tomorrow. For more information about CEMEX Ventures, please visit: www.cemexventures.com.


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