Leaplab propels Ruedata: Cemex seeks to accelerate the digitalization of construction’s supply chain

Cemex and Ruedata join forces again: This time through a commercial agreement!

Participating startups in Cemex Ventures Leaplab have the opportunity to achieve a powerful milestone in their growth journey by further engaging with Cemex after their graduation from the acceleration program, as either a supplier or partner of Cemex.

On this occasion, we’re excited to announce the latest Leaplab success story: a commercial agreement between Cemex and Ruedata, a startup from Leaplab’s inaugural 2022 cohort.

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Leaplab propels Ruedata: Cemex seeks to accelerate the digitalization of construction’s supply chain

What is Ruedata?

Ruedata is a Colombia-based startup with a Software as a Service (SaaS) that uses predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to understand how tires wear out and based on that optimize maintenance plans, reduce costs, and increase safety.

As part member of the Leaplab 2022 cohort in the Construction Supply Chain category, this exceptional startup is helping companies transform the way large fleets are managed by consolidating the largest tire database in Latin America.

Ruedata’s innovative solution

To understand the benefits of Ruedata’s solution, let’s first consider a key challenge in the fleet management where tires represent the most significant cost after fuel. They can account for up to 30% of total expenses due to maintenance, mechanical failures, theft, and inefficiencies in purchasing, which also translate into safety and environmental issues.

Moreover, tire management still relies primarily on paper inspections, missing the opportunity to leverage technology to enhance the process.

That’s where Ruedata comes in.

Ruedata’s solution allows companies to:

  • Execute tire inspections using a tire tread depth gauge, which, connected to their mobile application via Bluetooth, automatically gathers updates on tire wear and pressure.
  • Collect all data into their online platform, where additional telematics information is integrated to create dashboards.
  • Generate strategic reports to support operations and management teams in decision-making.


Ruedata and Cemex’s new commercial agreement

During Ruedata’s 14-week pilot in Leaplab 2022, their solution was tested across Cemex Colombia’s entire supply chain fleet. One of the validated benefits from the pilot was up to a 30% tire cost reduction. Moreover, their system demonstrated an opportunity to simplify the tire management process, centralizing information and using it efficiently to improve traceability in Cemex’s operations. Their SaaS also enhanced fleet maintenance and tire purchasing plans by using data and indicators from the software to send alerts linked to tire pressure levels, accelerated wear, and possible mechanical failures.

Ruedata helps save up to US$800 per truck annually by recommending the optimal tire brand and model based on historical performance, identifying retread opportunities, and refining purchasing plans. As of today, Ruedata has analysed over 500,000 tires from more than 120 customers in 13 countries.


Ruedata is now proudly serving ready-mix and supply chain fleets in Cemex’s Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic operations, covering a total close to 4,800 vehicles.

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