Green construction

Seoul, South Korea

Disruptive material technology company producing Soil Stabilizer that binds soil and cement together.

InnoCSR’s Good Soil Stabilizers use mineral salts including sodium chloride and magnesium chloride to create a Pozzolanic reaction, which will break the chemical bonds of the organic matter in the soil mixture. GSS will create an ionic bond effect that will stiffen and consolidate these organic matter. Cement and Soil can then bind together which will secure an optimal strength and effects. With this technology, InnoCSR’s Good Bricks can reduce significant air pollution from non fired brick manufacturing, and increase the productivity for brick manufacturers, delivering better quality bricks to the end consumers. InnoCSR’s Good Road can use the soil stabilizer to substitute the gravels and re-use the soil that has been dug up to save time and cost significantly for constructing roads.