Construction´s future is now

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Aerial robotics company, creating computer-controlled UAVs to perform the dirty and dangerous work required for infrastructure construction and maintenance

Apellix is an aerial robotics startup that developed a computer controlled uncrewed aerial systems (UASs) capable of performing precision tasks in industrial environments. Currently the company is commercializing its non-destructive examination (Opus X4 NDE) system for testing the steel wall thickness (Ultrasonic Thickness, or UT) of elevated structures such as flare stacks and storage tanks.

Apellix is developing industrial robotic systems which operate under computer control, allowing precision flight operations within 2-3 cm of target. Their systems continually record video, telemetry, location data, and environmental data such as concentrations of combustible gases. These are designed to complement a digital twin environment by providing a complete digital record of the work performed.

The Opus X4 NDE system operates under computer control, where the combination of software, ground lasers and on-board sensors guide the aircraft to safely contact a surface to collect UT thickness measurements, record and share extensive data about the structure and the flight, including individual test locations, test results, and photo verification. In addition, the system monitors concentrations of combustible gases with an onboard LEL that constantly relays gas data to the ground crew.