Enhanced productivity

Sydney, Australia

Real-time environmental management for today’s world, providing an integrated hardware and software solution for the pro-active management of environmental impact.

SiteHive transforms how people manage environmental compliance on construction projects, reducing friction between projects and communities. It harnesses modern technologies to provide software and monitoring devices that are easy to use, deliver dramatic time savings, and can reduce at least 50% of the costs of environmental monitoring and management.

Their integrated hardware and software solution allows development projects to monitor environmental factors (such as noise, dust and vibration) with continuous, real-time information and innovative tools, taking pro-active action to minimise disruption.

The SiteHive Hexanode is a compact low-cost multi-sensor environmental monitoring device that brings innovative capabilities to market, including directional noise monitoring, and integrated cameras and audio recording to determine the cause of events. Its open, cloud-based software automates environmental data management, event investigation and reporting with workflows that are specifically designed for the construction industry.