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SAALG Geomechanics, an engineering company and software provider specialized in real-time data analysis, strengthens its position as a bridge between geomechanics and the construction industry.

Its scaling leads to optimizations and improvements in the platform, SAALG Geomechanics declares that “our solution has introduced new features and improvements, achieving a more robust platform. Regarding the business model, we have modified the approach to the client with a freemium format (in some cases) to achieve greater traction.”

SAALG, as part CEMEX Ventures’ investment portfolio, is expanding in Latin America, achieving success cases in Guatemala and Colombia. The pilots have strengthened with customers, but have also allowed numerous open doors to continue adding functionality to their software and position themselves as leaders in analysis and innovation within the construction industry.

These pilots in Latin America, supported by CEMEX Ventures with its network of clients and key industry professionals, have allowed them to analyze and thoroughly save money in  the excavation process on construction sites.

At the end of 2018, SAALG participated and won the Deutsche Bahn competition, gaining access to the development of a project with the German company. Its presence in Europe, already existing with the previous works carried out in Spain, is reinforced with this new project, and predicts a series of new works for this startup specialized in geotechnical and machine learning.

Following their German victory, SAALG has collaborated on a new project that has allowed them to apply their technology in the control of excavations and theoretical quantification of potential savings of the construction procedure. From this analysis, the possibility of removing a whole line of provisional struts from the excavation was characterized.

Finally, it is important to highlight SAALG’s continuity and growth, as well as CEMEX Ventures’ commitment with the startup. One year after the investment announcement, CEMEX Ventures acquires another seat as member of the startup board of directors.


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