Contactless, see-through scanner systems, and AI-powered analytics software solution towards enabling data-driven proactive inspection & predictive maintenance practices.

WaveScan is a Singapore-based A*STAR spin-off company specializing in the R&D and productization of disruptive beamforming electromagnetics based smart scanner systems and advanced AI algorithms. Our proprietary technology builds upon nearly a decade-long R&D on microwave & millimeter-wave contactless, see-through scanner systems. It is capable of high-resolution 3D imaging for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications focusing on market verticals such as – Aerospace, Oil & Gas Pipelines/Tanks, Infrastructure, Power/Energy, etc.

Smart scanning systems, integrable with autonomous vehicles, along with a centralized AI-enabled analytics solution, are the future of active inspection systems for sustaining resilient high-stake assets. At WaveScan, we envision safer, productive & livable cities by creating a predictive maintenance ecosystem through data-driven standardization of inspection processes. We are looking for global partners & early adopters to join us in our mission of disrupting the practices of how infrastructure & facilities are planned, built & managed today.


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