With cloud-based logistics planning, scheduling and tracking, the platform enables instant and seamless management of daily site activity across the whole supply chain, all with a few flicks of your thumb.

Tired of seeing construction schedules never going to schedule? After using many manual and disjointed systems to deliver some of Sydney and London’s largest, most prestigious tower developments, co-founder Richard Fifita knew there had to be a better way. And there was. Problem being, it didn’t exist yet. So Veyor was created.

And since its successful maiden run on Sydney’s tallest skyscaper project in 2018, Veyor is now being used by leading top-tier contractors in Australia, NZ and the UK to streamline logistics and daily site activity, creating supply chain visibility and project efficiency.

At Veyor, we remove stress and confusion from a construction site to help make work happen. And when everyone can coordinate on one central easy to use platform, your full project data is collected to provide better understanding of utilisation and performance.

We’ve made it our mission to eliminate productivity stagnation in the global construction industry. So wherever you are and whatever your role, you can organise, schedule and plan – all from the palm of the hand. And all in real-time.


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