Digital platform that brings efficiency to the waste and resource management of large multisite producers, through a SaaS platform that combines data, IoT devices, algorithms and blockchain technology.

“TRINOV is a digital company expert in the data analysis of large waste producers (in the construction industry, utilies, retail and manufacturing amongst others).

Our expertise in smart waste management solutions has allowed us to broaden our offer in order to enable stakeholders to build and monitor circular supply chains via integrated and certified data.

In the construction industry, our aim is to provide an ‘augmented traceability’ of building materials and waste to operationnals and top management collaborators. To do so, we bring interoperability between stakeholders’ IT system, fill the data gap along value chains and secure flows of salvaged materials through regular reporting (sometimes real-time) of operations.

Connecting value chains and stakeholders, our digital platform enables to automatically generate regulatory documents, to produce actionnable KPIs in order to improve supply chain management and fuel CSR reporting for instance. “


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